Tatsuo Shimabuku Sensei. Photo courtesy of Tokumura Kensho Sensei
John Ingram Sensei, Harold Mitchum Sensei, Tsuyoshi Uechi Sensei, Cindy Ingram Sensei and Dan Holloway Sensei

Isshinryu Groups Around The World Unite

For years the United Isshinryu Karate Association (U.I.K.A.) has made it a mission to keep the true Isshinryu as taught by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku alive. Senseis John and Cindy Ingram (FL) and Sensei Dan Holloway (MI) have spent decades under the guidance of Master Harold Mitchum. As Master Mitchum’s senior students they have dedicated their lives to Isshinryu, to continue the dream that was begun by Master Shimabuku on Okinawa.
It’s with great excitement that the United Isshinryu Karate Association announces a new endeavor, one that will bring about a union between Okinawa, Europe, and North America. The World United Isshinryu Karate Association (W.U.I.K.A.) which will serve as a platform for Isshinryu practitioners to train under regional directors, is forming as a worldwide effort to unite serious Isshinryu students from many regions around the globe.
Isshinryu’s first generation advisory board; consisting of Tokumura Kensho Sensei, John Bartusevics Sensei, Tom Lewis Sensei, and Bill Blond Sensei, have given their full support and backing to the idea of a World United Isshirnyu Karate Association and approve of the pursuit to unite Isshinryu practitioners the world over. This new organization, the W.U.I.K.A., will seek to continue spreading Isshinryu to those who share in the desire to keep Master Shimabuku’s Isshinryu alive.
Sensei John Ingram will lead as the director of the North American region with Sensei Dan Holloway as the region’s president, incorporating the United Isshinryu Karate Association under the heading of the newly formed W.U.I.K.A..
Sensei Lars Anderson of Denmark (Europe’s Joshinkan Orginazation) will lead the W.U.I.K.A. European region, and has begun the process of merging with the new orginization and plans to continue in ongoing efforts to train and share Isshinryu Karate with Isshinryu practitioners in Europe.
Isshinryu students in each of the represented regions will be able to gain membership, attend training seminars and symposiums, and stay connected with others who share their love for Isshinryu. It is a great time for Isshinryu, and the W.U.I.K.A. is excited about this new journey.

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